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We Are Europe - Right Here in the US - Swift Fulfillment from Our California Warehouse Within 24 Hours
We Are Europe in the US! Fulfill Within 24 Hours from California!

Bringing The Best of EUROPA Across The Atlantic

We are a US online store headquartered in California that works directly with European brands to bring authentic European products to the American consumer's doorstep. We care about the American consumer having access to European products without the expense of traveling to Europe. We want to infuse the American consumer's shopping experience with European culture enriched style. We care about sourcing ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE products.

As a European native it was on a trip to Austria in 2019 that rekindled our store founder’s passion for the unparalleled beauty and quality of European clothing, igniting a vision to share these remarkable products with the American public.  Fueled by the belief that in today's interconnected world, it's possible to bring Europe to America's doorsteps, we are on a mission to make unique, European fashion, home goods, and delicious foods readily accessible, sparing our fellow Americans the need to travel across the Atlantic.  As we have seen the positive US consumer reception of European clothing for children, we have embarked on expanding the product lines to include home, accessories, gifts, holiday, and food products from Europe, with more lines to come in the near future.  

WE ARE EUROPE, and we wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we introduce a new market right here in the U.S. 

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