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Vintage Style Drawing Little Girl Doing Homework Addition and Multiplication Table

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This vintage tabletop math memorization table from Ludom Edition is the perfect gift for a math lover or little one learning their multiplications and additions. With its unique style and craftsmanship from Ludom Edition, it's sure to become a timeless piece to pass on to each loved one learning their multiplication and addition tables. This exquisite vintage-style drawing of a young scholar with her doll watching over her and being made from high-quality cardboard encourages learning in a sophisticated, tasteful way. This exquisite item serves as the ideal present for an educator, or as a motivation for your special youngster to pursue knowledge. Vintage multiplication and addition cards made by European designer, Ludom Edition.

  • Made by European designer, Ludom Edition:
  • Ludom Edition® is a French business, a family-owned brand created in 1980. Lovers of vintage, Ludom Edition has traveled in the past and traveled many paths to bring back magnificent illustrations that make both young and old dream. The magic of these illustrations inspired us to create many stationery products: postcards, birthday calendars, small notebooks, and educational products.
  • Product materials are biodegradable and non-toxic
  • European Design
  • 21 x 27cm
  • High-quality thick stock paper
  • 8 Multiplication tables
  • 8 Addition tables
  • Good for memorization
  • A young girl completing her homework with her dolly on the front
  • Vintage Multiplication and Addition Table